Exclusive Tool to Sell Your Home

There can be many obstacles to overcome in getting your home under contract, sold and you moving on. Property PreQual is the solution that every seller needs and only select agents can offer. It’s a look under the roof designed to get your property sold and end negotiations at contract by delivering all the necessary documents like a home inspection, preliminary title report, insurance analysis, municipal lien search and HOA documents. No surprises = no unexpected roadblocks between contract and closing day.

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FAQs For Sellers

What is included? Inspection Report, Preliminary Title Report, HOA/Condo Documents, Existing Owner’s Policy, Existing Survey, Municipal Lien Search, Insurance Analysis, Mortgage Analysis, Property Profile

Does the PreQual precertify a home like a pre-certified car? No. The Property PreQual is a property research report that provides potential buyers with additional information on the property prior to submitting an offer. Furthermore, it satisfies specific seller requirements in the contract. The PreQual is for informational purposes only and does not act as any certification or guarantee.

What is the benefit of a Property PreQual? The Property PreQual sets your listing apart from others by providing buyers more information to make an informed offer. It helps to reduce negotiation time and possible reasons to cancel a contract.

Can a Property PreQual be ordered even if the home needs repairs? Yes. The Property PreQual can help to market the property with a home renovation loan. Prospective buyers will have the information about the property, repairs needed, cost of repairs and lending options for renovation loans.

How is a Property PreQual ordered? A Property PreQual can be ordered by an approved real estate agent. You can ask your agent or if you are not working with an agent, you will be connected with a list of approved Property PreQual agents.