Get Your Listings Sold in No Time


The Property PreQual is the exclusive product designed to get your listing sold and help remove the guesswork from the negotiation process.

The Property PreQual helps you and the seller meet many of the obligations of the real estate contract upfront, limiting buyer objections that can lead to cancelled contracts and lost time. Since time lost equals a cost to you, we have developed a service that takes much of the unknowns out of the sale process often reducing your property’s days on market and days to close once under contract. Buyers come to you pre-qualified, now pre-qualify your home to stand out to buyers and get the deal done more quickly and efficiently. Our goal is to save you your most precious resource – time.

What to Expect After Ordering

Once you’ve created your free account, you are ready to place your first order. Here’s how it works from order to delivery. We’re here to help you every step of the way and you have access to your dashboard 24/7. Best part: the Property PreQual is all payable at closing! There’s no upfront cost to you or the seller.

Our partners get moving with ordering the preliminary title report, municipal lien search, inspection and more. If there’s any issue revealed on any of these reports, we work with you to help the seller correct them. The goal is to address any issues as soon as possible and provide the buyer with confirmation that all’s good to move forward to closing.