Get Your Listings Sold in No Time

The Property PreQual is the exclusive product available only to BABA Agents designed to get your listing sold and help remove the guesswork from the negotiation process.

The Property PreQual helps you and the seller meet many of the obligations of the real estate contract up-front, limiting buyer objections that can lead to cancelled contracts and lost time. Since time lost equals a cost to you, we have developed a service that takes much of the unknowns out of the sale process often reducing your property’s days on market and days to close once under contract. Buyers come to you pre-qualified, now pre-qualify your home to stand out to buyers and get the deal done more quickly and efficiently. Our goal is to save you your most precious resource – time.

FAQs for Agents

What is included? Inspection Report, Preliminary Title Report, HOA/Condo Documents, Existing Owner’s Policy, Existing Survey, Municipal Lien Search, Insurance Analysis, Mortgage Analysis, Property Profile

How much does it cost? $600 for the standard PreQual. Additional services or larger homes will affect the price.  Contact for an exact quote.

When are services paid? At closing

Is a new survey included in the PreQual? No. The existing survey is requested from the seller and provided if available, as required in the Sales Contract.

Is a new Owner’s Policy issued? The existing owner’s policy is requested from the seller and provided if available, as required in the Sales Contract. After closing, a new Owner’s Policy of Title Insurance will be issued to the Buyer(s).

Does the PreQual precertify a home like a pre-certified car? No. The Property PreQual is a property research report that provides potential buyers with additional information on the property prior to submitting an offer. Furthermore, it satisfies specific seller requirements in the contract. The PreQual is for informational purposes only and does not act as any certification or guarantee.

How is a Property PreQual ordered? Create an agent account on  Once approved, you will have the ability to place PreQual orders from your personal dashboard. All fulfilled orders are archived in perpetuity.

What happens if the property does not close? As services are rendered with deferred payment, if the property does not close or closes at a title company not affiliated with Property PreQual, total invoice is due from the agent.

How is the inspection done for the buyer when there is not yet a buyer? Our chosen Inspection Partner completes the inspection for the buyer’s purpose. Because this is done, all applicable warranties and guarantees transfer to the buyer when the buyer accepts the inspection.

How does the inspection transfer to the buyer? The buyer and/or buyer’s agent are connected with the inspection provider as soon as the property goes under contract.